Coffman Bend Fire Association is a non profit all volunteer organization serving the
Coffman Bend area at the Lake of the Ozarks for fire and rescue services.

CBFA Mission Statement
The CBFA all volunteer department mission is to provide fire protection and medical
assistance for members and to instruct them in methods and techniques in fire
If you have an emergency dial 911 & use your 911 address
Fire Station No. 1  
3353 Coffman Bend Drive
573-345-4650        EMERGENCIES 9-1-1
Coffman Bend Fire Association
Neighborhood Watch
We are all ever vigilant about crime in our area.  Please report anything unusual in
your neighborhood, to our Neighborhood Watch Team.    
For a serious situation,  call 911 for the Camden County Sheriff’s department
where it will be routed to the correct service (fire, EMS, Sheriff).  
To contact our Neighborhood Watch Team or to get more information,
call Bill Hinkle at (573) 345-3841
Heli Pads Each Station

If you move or go away for a season please alert the Fire Department 573-345-4650

As an ALL Volunteer Fire Association, we fall under the Missouri Revised Statues, Chapter 320 Fire
Protection, Section 320.302 (August 28, 2011).

"In responding to emergencies of nonmembers, the volunteer fire protection association may charge up
to $100 for responding, $500 for each additional hour that CBFA volunteers are on their property
responding to a fire or medical emergency, plus one year's membership dues.   

IF you don't want to be billed you must file a 'DO NOT RESPOND' letter with CBFA prior to your

Property owners include those with vacant lots.  Three of our most recent fires responded to by our
Firefighters have been on vacant lots.

10% of CBFA property owners have NOT paid their 2018-2019 dues.  
Remind your CBFA neighbors and friends to pay their dues.

YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR FIRE.  Burning anything other than leaves, brush, tree limbs or household
trash is ILLEGAL without a permit from the MO Dept. of Natural Resources and the fines can be large..  DO NOT
burn in the wind; wear protective clothing; and have a hose handy.  DO NOT LEAVE YOUR FIRE UNATTENDED.  
Call the Fire Station  573-345-4650

If you have a boat ramp and would allow the CBFA to use it in case of a fire and/or
emergency  in your area please fill out the attached forms.

Boat Ramp Permission Form
Fire Station No.  2
on Blue Jay Drive, ~ ½ mile
from the intersection with
Coffman Bend Drive
As of 1/1/2014 ISO Public Protection Classification Program (PPC)
rates CBFA’s
entire territory as a 6!  For many of you this is an
improved rating of 3 points (from 9 to 6) and for others it’s an
improvement from 7 to 6.  

ALL members should have received a copy of this letter,
IF not or not a CBFA member
call John Baker, Treasurer/Membership 573-345-3133
DO NOT BURN When you read a Red ALERT above or see a RED
FLAG  on a CBFA Reader Board
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