The following Association Members are volunteers on your Fire
    Fighting and First Responder Teams

Firefighters and EMS (11/18/18)
First Responders and EMS
John Baker
James Cumper
Mike Diekmann
Carly Townsend
Bill Walker

Jack Adolphson
Call the Fire Station at 573-345-4650
    Our volunteer Fire Fighters and
    Emergency Medical Team meet twice
    a month for training sessions.  

    This past 4 years they have completed
    numerous training sessions and
    completed ISO inspections securing
    an overall ISO rating of 6 for our
    Coffman Bend service area.  This is a
    one to three point improvement for
    CBFA members starting January 1,

    So when you are paying less on your
    homeowners insurance, Thank Your
    ALL volunteer CBFA Board, Fire
    Fighers and Emergency Medical
Help us find your home in an Emergency.
Display your 911 address prominently on your home -
not just on your mailbox.   
Thank You from your Fire Fighters & First Responders
Todd Watson, Chief
John Baker
Paul Bishoff
Steve Callan
James Cumper
Mike Diekmann
William Eatmon
Greg Fell
Tim Fletcher
Ron Frazier
Ron Grant
Tom Headley
Bill Henry
Rollie Jesse
Joe Long
Michael MacDougall
Michael Merchant
Ron Price
Bob Rayn
Carly Townsend
Jeremy Townsend
Bill Walker
John Miller Retired
from CBFA & the
Bend 2015
*2nd & 4th Wednesdays, Firefighter & First Responder training 6:30PM at Fire Station No. 1 *
Retired  from CBFA & the
Bend 2016
Todd Watson Fire Chief,
Martha & John Berry Retired
from CBFA 2017
 Front Row left to right: James Cumper, Rollie Jesse, Joe Long, Todd Watson, Fire Chief
Back Row left to right: John Baker, Ron Frazier, Michael Merchant, Michael Diekmann, Greg
Fell, Steve Callum, & Tom Headley.  (see complete list of Fire Fighters & EMS below)