Our annual membership year is September 1 to August 31.
CBFA dues are $75.00 annually and are due by October 31
in order to avoid a
late &/or reinstatement fee.
Checks should be mailed to:

3353 Coffman Bend Drive
Climax Springs, MO  65324

Donations are welcome and may be sent to the same address.

Membership Benefits

Being a member of the Fire Association is important because your dues,
which are the main source of funding, support our ability to protect property
and provide basic life support.  In addition, they help fund our building
maintenance, equipment needs, supplies and professional training for fire
fighters and EMS-first responders.  Your membership entitles you to receive
our current ISO rating of 6 (as of 1/1/14) for your homeowners insurance
thus providing you with lower insurance premiums.

If you are not a member of the Association and do require fire
support or emergency medical services, you need to be aware that
the State of Missouri Statute 320.302 allows volunteer fire
departments to charge for these types of services which will be
much more expensive than your dues

Dues are insurance for residents and businesses in our District.
CBFA members always have priority over non-members
in emergency situations.

Non-paying residents will be billed for fire support and / or emergency
medical services including helicopter evacuation based on Missouri state
law, Missouri Revised Statutes, Chapter 320.

The current fees are as follows:
$25 membership/reinstatement fee – A one-time fee for new members
or to reinstate non-paying members.
$75 annual dues on a residence for September through August.  
$45 annual dues on a vacant lot for September through August.  

Commercial Dues
$100  annual dues for storage unit business property
$125  annual dues for high traffic (no fuel dispensed) business property
$150  annual dues for business property that dispenses fuel to the public

If you are not currently a member – JOIN NOW!!
Call John Baker, Treasurer 573-345-3133
Dues and Benefits of Membership
Dues and Member Benefits (update 7/31/19)
By Missouri Law, we can bill property owners $700 for the first
hour and $500 for each additional hour that we are on site if we
respond to a fire or or medical emergency at someone's property
who has not paid their dues and have not filed a 'DO NOT
RESPOND' letter with CBFA they will be billed

Remind your neighbors and CBFA friends to pay their dues.

CBFA relies on every dollar to meet our fire department budget for
buildings, equipment, training, communications, grounds, etc.  

IF you own a vacant lot & haven't paid,  please reconsider -- 3 of
the most recent fires CBFA Firefighters responded to have
occurred on vacant lots.  

Property owners are responsible
for all fires originating on their property regardless  of the origin.  
AND if a fire spreads to other properties, they are responsible for
those damages as well.
A BIG THANK YOU! to all our CBFA members
who have paid their 201
8-2019 dues, including
any assessed late fees.
About 10% of property owners did not pay a total
of ~$8K + $3K in back dues