Volunteer Fire Fighter

    All of our Fire Fighters are volunteers.  They receive structured
    training at least twice a month.  Have you considered joining the
    fire fighting team?   Even if you have had no previous professional
    training, do not let that stop you.  We offer structured professional
    training.  Do not let health problems discourage you from
    participating.  We are always in need of dedicated, willing
    volunteers.  Call our Chief, Todd Watson at (573) 345-0788, and
    discuss the opportunities and your capabilities.  He can answer all
    your questions.

    Emergency Medical Services (First Responder)

    The First Responders are volunteers as well.  If you are interested
    in learning more about how you can help your fellow residents in
    emergency situations, call Todd Watson, 573-345-0788.  The EMS
    personnel receive concentrated professional training prior to
    becoming a member of the team and also train twice each month.

    Emergencies can strike anytime.   Do you have a plan for your
    family?  If not, READY IN 3 can help you develop one.  It’s an
    emergency preparedness program for Missouri. The Missouri
    Department of Health and Senior Services sponsor’s the program.  

    READY IN 3 focuses on three steps you can take to prepare for
    many kinds of emergencies.
    1. Create a plan for you and your family.  Do you and your
    children (grandchildren, guests) know what to do if a bad
    storm hits or fire breaks out?  Where do they go if they have
    to evacuate the house/area?  

    2. Prepare a kit for home, car and work.

    3. Listen for information about what to do and where to go
    during an actual emergency.  Do you have a NOAA
    weather/hazard alert radio available?  They broadcast up-to-
    date information on all emergencies that you can easily
    program to certain county areas.   

    For more in-depth information and help, log on to www.dhss.mo.gov
    or write to: Missouri Dept. of Health & Senior Services; P.O. Box 570;
    Jefferson City, MO  65102-0570.  Request the READY IN 3 brochure
    now and be prepared.  
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